jihad-zarb-e-kaleem-021- (جہاد) by Dr. allam-iqbal-urdu-poetry


Allama Iqbal Poetry jihad-zarb-e-kaleem-021- (جہاد) by Dr. allam-iqbal-urdu-poetry Roman Urdu Ghazals Collection of Kalam-e-Iqbal


Jihad-Zarb-e-Kaleem-021 (جہاد) by Allam Iqbal Urdu Poetry

Fatwa Hai Sheikh Ka Ye Zamana Qalam Ka Hai
Dunya Mein Ab Rahi Nahin Talwar Kargar

This is an age, our canonist’s new dictum assures us, of the pen: Jihad-Zarb-e-Kaleem-021
In our world now the sword has no more virtue.—

Lekin Janab-e-Sheikh Ko Maloom Kya Nahin?
Masjid Mein Ab Ye Waaz Hai Besood-o-Be-Asar

Has it not reached our pious oracle’s ear,
That in the Mosque such sermonizing nowadays has grown rhymeless and reasonless?

Jihad-Zarb-e-Kaleem-021 (جہاد) by Allam Iqbal Urdu Poetry

Taeg-o-Tufnag Dast-e-Musalman Mein Hai Kahan
Ho Bhi, To Dil Hain Mout Ki Lazzat Se Be-Khabar

Where, in a Muslim’s hand, Will he find dagger or rifle?
And if there were, Our hearts have lost all memory of delight watch online Live TV

Musalman Ki Mout Mer

Kafir Kimout Se Bhi Larazta Ho Jis Ka Dil
Kehta Hai Kon Usse Ke Musalman Ki Mout Mer

In death. to one whose nerves falter at even an infidel cut down, Jihad-Zarb-e-Kaleem-021
Who would exclaim ‘Die like a Muslim!’

Jihad-Zarb-e-Kaleem-021 (جہاد) by Allam Iqbal Urdu Poetry

Taleem Uss Ko Chahye Tark-e-Jahad Ki
Dunya Ko Jis Ke Panja-e-Khoonain Se Ho Khatar

Preach relinquishment of such crusades to him
Whose bloody fist menaces earth! Mosque of Cordoba

Batil Ke Faal-o-Far Ki Hafazat Ke Waste
Yourap Zira Mein Doob Gya Dosh Ta Kamar

Europe, swathed cap-a-pie in mail,
Mounts guard over her glittering reign of falsehood;

Jihad-Zarb-e-Kaleem-021 (جہاد) by Allam Iqbal Urdu Poetry

Hum Poochte Hain Sheikh-e-Kalisa Nawaz Se
Mashriq Mein Jang Shar Hai To Maghrib Mein Bhi Hai Shar

We enquire of our divine, So tender of Christendom:
If for the East war is unhallowed, Is not war unhallowed for Western arms? Jihad-Zarb-e-Kaleem-021

Haq Se Agar Gharz Hai To Zaiba Hai Kya Ye Baat
Islam Ka Muhasiba, Yourap Se Darguzar!

And if your goal be truth, Is this the right road—
Europe’s faults all glossed, and all Islam’s held to so strict an audit? Rise of Islam

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